The participants of BLUE Institute are comprised of a talented group of thoughtful young leaders who continue to make their mark in this ever-changing socio-political landscape. Click their names below to see who they are and what they've been up to. 

Folayemi Agbede

Alex Burch

Erica Clemmons

Deven Anderson

Adrian Chester

Ian Bridgeforth

Cierra Chesir

Charles Irvin

Michelle Marshall

Alejandra Pablos

Gina Cruz

Amanda Quesada

Shelby Green

Keenan Hale

Nadine Haralson

Kimberly Lett

Brandi Woods

Crystal Munoz

Elissa Marks

Lawrence McDonald

Devin Murphy

Cassandra Odum

Kalah Palmer

Dominick Perkins

Joseph Raby

Marcus Redmon

Ashley Scott

Kevin Seymore

Michael Spence

Aura Vasquez

Aria Velasquez

Emilio Vicente

Angela Wright

Richard Wright

Devan Yates

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