Because Change is Dope: Ashley Robinson on Building Black and Brown Progressive Campaign Leadership

May 03, 2018

In 2018, there are more Black women (and men!) running for office than ever before. That said, regardless of your street cred, experience, and bank account, no candidate (Black or White) gets elected on their own. It truly takes a village to put a woman in office. And it starts with building a great campaign.

Building a Successful Career as a Woman of Color

February 19, 2018

Ashley Robinson, Founder and Principal of BLUE Institute, covers a diverse set of topics, including the challenges that she has faced as a woman of color and how she’s overcome them, and building your career when you are in a red or purple state.

Inclusv Publishes the First Ever Report on Racial Diversity Within the Democratic Party at the State Level

July 19, 2017

Inclusv published their first ever report focusing exclusively on racial diversity amongst the staff of the Democratic party at the state level.

"We also recommend that states follow the lead of Georgia, which has created the BLUE Institute to train staffers on a variety of skills and has assisted with placing staffers in leadership roles on local down-ballot campaigns. This approach creates a pipeline of talent for future open party positions."


Stacey Abrams Makes Essence Magazine's 'Woke 100' List

April 25, 2017

"Building Leaders and Uplifting the Electorate (B.L.U.E.) Institute, Abrams—who serves as Georgia’s House minority leader and state representative—hopes to prep young people of color to engage in the political process, with the help of those who understand government’s inner workings."

New Program Seeks To Make Democrats’ Campaigns As Diverse As Their Voters

October 16, 2016

“If we want to have sustained and meaningful engagement with people of color, and if we want to create a diversity in how the staffing looks as a diverse rising American electorate gains prominence in the South and Southwest, then we have to start now,” Abrams told The Huffington Post. “Too often, staffers of color are moved into field positions, which are important, but they don’t get the full experience of what it means to be involved in a campaign, and they’re not often groomed to run campaigns.”

Institute Aims to Train Young Political Staffers of Color

October 07, 2015

"We need to have a pipeline of young people who are ready to take on races, whether we're talking about presidential level or state races, congressional races or issue campaigns," Rep. Abrams said. "What I want for this institute and for the trainees to be seen as hot commodities for professionals who need to staff up quickly and staff up smart, and they will know that this is the place to come and that these are the young people that they should be hiring."

With Eye Toward South In ‘16, Democrats Launch Training Program For Staffers of Color

September 23, 2015

“Stacey Abrams is committed to making sure that the Democratic Party continues to expand its voter outreach efforts in what is quickly becoming a key swing state,” said Tyler, who worked on Michelle Nunn’s 2014 bid for the U.S. Senate. “With Georgia rapidly turning purple and potentially in play in 2016 and beyond, it is important to make sure we’re continuing to recruit and train talented public servants.” 

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